lhasa, tibet day two.

Day nine: Lhasa, Tibet. 
^^Potala Palace; built by the 5th Dalai Lama.^^
^^The top of the Potala Palace (after climbing 13 flights of stairs).^^
^^Pillar of prayer flags.^^
^^Jokhang Temple^^
^^My dream courtyard ;)^^
^^Rooftop of the Jokhang Temple.^^
I can't get enough of Tibet! I could have lived here for six months and would have been totally happy. For the first time in China my photos have bright blue pollution-free skies. The 350+ steps to the top of the Potala Palace was insane because of the high altitude, but I'm so glad I climbed it. Looking over Lhasa and seeing the surrounding mountains is a view I'll never forget! There are hundreds of room in both the palace and temple that we visited, but we're not allowed to take pictures since the rooms are sacred to Buddhists.

Lhasa is known for their Tibetan rugs and turquoise and I scored some earrings and a gorgeous sheep wool rug. Our backpacking trip through China has been so much fun, but I can already tell that Tibet will be my favorite. Do I have to leave already?!

Next destination: Beijing, China.


  1. i love getting to peek in at your adventures. i am so jealous of all the traveling you two are doing. you make me want to get on a plane!

  2. So jealous of your sheep wool rug! Can't wait to see it!!


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