bryce canyon national park.

Tate's extended family always hosts an 'weekend getaway' during Spring and this year the destination was Bryce Canyon National Park. Tate and I have never been here before so we were SO excited to see this place. Turns out, it happened to be the foggiest weather possible but it was still breathtaking nonetheless (plus, just an excuse to go to again?!). See below: 
^^This is about 15 miles before the Park entrance. There are two tunnels carved right out of the mountain. Wait, what?!^^
^^We hiked the Navajo/Queens Garden loop. This is towards the end of the hike at the famous Thor's Hammer.^^
^^Foggy hoodoos.^^
^^Gained 10 pounds while hiking because the mud was sticking to the bottom of my shoes. At first we were kind of miserable but then we thought 'hey let's just make the most of this and enjoy the one time where the views at Bryce will look like this'.^^
^^Archway carved into the red rock. This is about 1/10th of a mile upon entering Queens Garden.^^
^^Queens Garden.^^
^^Twin Bridges. We watched an intro video about Bryce Canyon (at the Visitor Center near the park entrance) and they explained how these natural arches were formed from millions of years of water flowing through this canyon and breaking the rock underneath, forming these arches.^^
^^View of the descent down the Navajo loop trail.^^
^^Natural Bridge.^^

Bryce Canyon, you've stolen our hearts. We'll be back soon!

Next adventure: Girls trip to India. We're leaving in a few days! Follow along our trip on instagram: @allisoncelestia

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