Sundance, Utah.

We LOVE going to my great grandparents cabin in Sundance, Utah (see our trip from last summer here) so when the opportunity arose to relax up there for the weekend we couldn't say no. We packed our bags and drove six hours to one of my favorite places on Earth:
The baby is due in five weeks (what?!) so my sister in law snapped a few photos of us behind the cabin. This is one of my favorite 'hikes' to Stewart Falls - the green fields are something else! We didn't actually hike to the falls while I was wearing this dress, just took pictures in the field then went back to the cabin:
^^On Saturday morning we hiked up to Stewart Falls - the falls and river are roaring right now, and I've never gotten so wet from the falls before! Normally there is much less water, but it did feel nice cooling off from the mist.^^

Tate and I love to travel - but there is something about Sundance that makes it one of my favorite places on Earth. I have so many memories coming up here as a child and there's nothing like 'unplugging' for the weekend, grilling every meal on the porch, and eating/reading along the river. I finished an entire book over the weekend and didn't check social media once! I can't wait to bring baby girl up here next time.

seattle, washington.

We flew to Seattle for a few days to see family and before I'm no longer 'allowed' to fly:
^^Tate hadn't been to the Kirkland waterfront before and the weather was super nice so I wanted to show him. We went to Google for lunch to visit my dad and take a 'tour' of the Google campus in Kirkland.^^
^^On Friday we took the bus from Redmond to Seattle and ate at our favorite cheese shop, bought flowers, and took an obligatory photo in front of the gum wall. GROSS, but fun.^^
^^Pikes Place Market was filled with tulips.^^
^^My mom and sister in law threw me a gorgeous baby shower on Saturday morning. We ate cinnamon rolls, Top Pot donuts, and fruit salad. The decorations were so pretty!^^
^^Like I mentioned above, the weather in Washington was super nice when we were there. We spent most of Saturday and Sunday afternoon in the backyard just enjoying the sun. The one thing I really miss about Seattle is the good weather - when it's sunny out it's so nice to sit outside and relax (whereas in Vegas when it's sunny out it's just too hot to relax outside).^^
I almost forgot how green Washington is! I'm not sure when we'll make it back to Seattle, but baby girl will definitely be joining us next time. We had such a fun time in Redmond and I'm already itching to go back.

prague, czech republic day five.

Prague Day Five: Our first stop of the day was St. Nicholas' church. Robyn and I climbed to the top of the bell tower of this church yesterday, but we didn't have time to see what was inside:
^^I'm so amazed at the details all of these churches have in Prague. No details/expenses were spared when these were made.^^
After we made a pit stop at an antique shop and lunch we made our way to the Petrin Lookout Tower. This was built in 1891 for a Jubilee Exhibition and was inspired by the Eiffel Tower (they almost look the exact same). Of course, we found ourselves climbing to the top again in hopes of an amazing view of Prague.^^
^^Yup, amazing views!^^
We had a few hours of daylight left so we rented a 4 person boat and rode along the Vltava river, the longest river within the Czech Republic. I loved seeing a new view of Charles Bridge (in the background of the above photo) and cruising along the river.

Prague was so so much fun and I hope it isn't the last time I see this place!

prague, czech republic day four.

Prague, Czech Republic Day Four: Still having fun in Europe! This morning was super rainy but it didn't stop us from having fun. We explored the Castle Quarters today:
^^St. Vitus Cathedral^^
^^Walking through the streets in the castle quarters^^
^^The Easter markets kill me! I've been loving the food + Easter decorations at all of these markets.^^
^^By the afternoon the weather cleared and we decided to climb to the top of St Nicholas' church. There were 200 steps to the top - but dang it felt so much higher than that! I must be pregnant or something... ;)^^
^^If you know me you know I live for city views like this.^^
There was no one at the top so we were able to snap a ton of pictures without the pressure of hurrying along at the top. If you're in Prague go here! Personally, I thought this view was just as rewarding as the view from the top of the astronomical clock tower (if not better) and the fact that there was no one there made it all worth it. 

Tomorrow is our last day here!

Kutna Hora, Czech Republic.

Kutna Hora, Czech Republic: On our way back form Poland we made a day trip to Kutna Hora (about an hour from Prague but it took us almost 2 since driving here is so confusing!). There were a few top tourist stops in this town that we didn't want to miss:
^^St. Barbara's Cathedral was a must-see. This cathedral is known for their original fresco paintings inside of the nave of the cathedral, but the outside was just as impressive.^^
^^View from St. Barbara's Cathedral.^^
 ^^Next stop: Sedlec Ossuary. This is a small Roman Catholic chapel that contains the skeletons of approximately 40,000 people. The bones are a bit disturbing but on a whole I found it really fascinating.^^
^^Chandelier of bones.^^
^^Schwarzenber coat-of-arms made with bones.^^
^^One of the many cute roads in Kutna Hora.^^
^^This was actually at our hotel last night in Poland but these tulip trees are all over the place. I'm dying!^^

We walked around the tiny brick roads and discovered a few shops and ate a traditional Czech lunch (beef goulash served in a bread bowl). Now that we're back in Prague we'll be taking the night easy - tomorrow we'll explore the castles and churches that Old Town Prague has to offer.

Boleslawiec, Poland.

Boleslawiec, Poland: We rented a car this morning and made a quick drive (well, like, 4 hours of confusing navigation) up to our favorite place in Poland - the pottery town! Tate's mom and grandma have always had a passion for Polish pottery and I didn't really know it was a 'thing' until we got married. Fast forward 4 years of marriage and now I'm obsessed with pottery too:
^^Evidence of the damage we've done.^^

We hit up all of the same shops from when I was here in Poland with my sister 2 years ago and the pottery was just as amazing as I remembered! I scored a few new platters and plates for our kitchen and the rest of the girls stocked up too.

We're heading back down to Prague tomorrow and hitting up Kutna Hora on the way. 

prague, czech republic day one.

Prague, Czech Republic Day One: We made it! After hours and hours of adjusting our flights due to cancellations we made it to Prague! I'm here with my Litchfield girls. We explored Old Town Prague today - somehow we lucked out on amazing weather (it was supposed to rain the entire week) and it's been gorgeous so far. 
^^The main square is decked out for Easter and I love it. There are markets on every block selling amazing food, painted easter eggs, and flowers.^^
^^This was just before the market opened, but it's so festive how every vendor puts flowers above their 'kiosk'.^^
^^The famous astronomical clock tower behind us was under construction and we were super disappointed that we wouldn't be able to climb to the top (this was my favorite thing we did last time in Prague). So instead, we had drinks on a rooftop restaurant and the views did not disappoint! We were sipping cucumber lemonade when we realized that people were indeed at the top of the tower so we finished our drinks then bought tickets to climb to the top. I feel like we got the best of both worlds since we got a view with the clock tower in the back too.^^
^^Another view from the rooftop restaurant. We could see all of the Easter markets too.^^
^^Base of the astronomical clock tower.^^
^^Sigh. I love this view.^^
Our feet we pretty pooped at this point so we took a city tour on an old classic vehicle for about an hour and he showed us some of the famous spots in Prague:
^^One of the stops was the John Lennon wall - this was on our bucket list so we were excited when we unexpectedly drove past it during the driving tour. It's as cool as I thought it'd be!^^

Tomorrow we're driving up to Boleslawiec, Poland to shop for pottery and spending one night there (then coming back to Prague for the rest of the week). Dang it guys, Europe has officially stolen my heart!
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