eschenbach, germany pt 2.

When we went to the Speinshart Monastery the inside was closed. We were all pretty bummed so we tried again a few days later and we had better luck. There was no one in there and I wasn't expecting such a gorgeous interior. The paintings were so detailed and there was hardly an inch of space that wasn't decorated. 

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paris, france.

On our flight home from Germany we had about a 24 layover in Paris so we tried to hit the most spots as possible during our short time there:
^^Eiffel tower^^
^^Notre Dame De Paris^^
 ^^We waited in a long line to take 400 steps to the top of the Notre Dame towers. Perfect 360° view of Paris^^
 ^^Gargoyles looking over the city on the Notre Dame^^
^^We debated going to the top of the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame. Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower is great, but I really wanted to see the Eiffel Tower when looking at a grand view of the city so we chose Notre Dame. The view didn't disappoint!^^
 ^^Cafe Angelina's. I've been looking forward to this day for many moons. The desserts and hot chocolate are to die for. If you ever go to Paris, make an effort to go here!^^
 ^^The Louvre. Unfortunately it's closed on Tuesday (the only day we were there) so we snapped a few pictures outside. Next time.^^
 ^^My mom and I decided to walk from the Louvre back to the Eiffel Tower again to see the sun set behind it. On the way we discovered the famous love lock bridge.^^
 ^^The sun set and there was no line to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower so we went to the top. Sigh. Can I move here?^^
^^We stayed near the Eiffel Tower to see the lights twinkle at 10PM.^^

Our one day stay in Paris was so fun (and I totally get all of the hype about the city of love now). France, I love you!


boleslawiecki, poland.

^^We took a three hour drive from Czech Republic to Poland through farm land, villages, and mountains and arrived at this castle built in the 1500's. I couldn't wait to wake up in the morning to get a better view of the place we slept in the night before.^^
^^Front of the palace we stayed in^^
^^View from our room. Can I move in?^^
^^Sisters in Poland ♥^^
^^Going pottery cray in Poland. Don't tell my husband...^^
We spent the day driving around Boleslawiecki from store to store collecting all sorts of pottery. I wish we had these easily available in the states! The patterns are so unique  I ended up scoring a Polish cake plate, pitcher, lemon squeezer, and a few other small things for our house. I'm loving these day trips and wish this vacation could last longer!

Note to self: Next time, take an extra luggage for pottery ;)

Next stop: Paris, France


prague, czech republic.

^^Tyn Church^^

^^Powder Tower^^
^^Astronomical Clock Tower behind us^^

^^Top of Clock Tower^^
^^View from Astronomical Clock Tower^^

^^St. Vitus Cathedral in the distance^^
^^Charles Bridge^^
On Friday we drove to the city of one hundred spires: Prague, Czech Republic. We've been to a few countries since we've arrived here, and I think Czech Republic is on the top of my list. We saw amazing architecture and took the elevator to the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower. Being able to see a 360° view of the city.

Next stop: Boleslawiecki, Poland


hermitage bayreuth, germany.

^^New Palace^^
^^Stones set in every inch of the palace^^
^^Ruin Theatre^^
^^New Palace. The curves represent the palace of Apollo in heaven. According to mythology, the god departs in his sun chariot every morning, to cross the world and fill it with his light^^
^^Hermitage Palace, now known as Old Palace^^
^^Palace lovin' with my little niece, Janey^^
Today we visited a palace built in the 1700's in a town called Bayreuth. After Margrave Friedruch took over the government, he presented this entire complex to his wife for her birthday(!) in 1735. Spring is in full bloom here and it's gorgeous!

Tomorrow: Prague, Czech Republic


eschenbach, germany.

^^Speinshart Monastery^^

^^Speinshart Monastery^^
^^Town of Eschenbach^^
We stayed close to Paige's town today and visited a Monastery a few miles away then walked up a long hill along a town called Eschenbach. I love the food here; Nutella pastries for breakfast and German bratwursts for lunch! I could really get used to this place...

I AMsterdam.

^^iconic I AMsterdam sign^^

^^canals in Amsterdam^^
^^Anne Frank house. It's been completely remodeled for tourists and the line was about a 2 hour wait, so we had to pass (sadly!) this time.^^We had a long flight to Europe and a connecting flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands before flying to Germany so we explored the city for several hours. We walked along the canals to the Anne Frank house, Amsterdam sign, Van Gogh museum, and the Flower Market. 

The flight from Amsterdam to Nuremberg was super short and now we're here at my sisters place! I l o v e Europe.