back in washington.

I grew up in Washington so Tate and I wanted to get to the Northwest for Thanksgiving week. We made it on Tuesday and I've planned a few outdoor adventures. I can't tell you how many times I've hiked Rattlesnake Ridge btu I wanted to show Tate so we left pretty early in the morning on Wednesday to start the hike.

Luckily, it wasn't raining and there were only a few clouds (which was actually really beautiful). We had the hike and view to ourselves! I really do love Las Vegas, but the northwest is best ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!


havasupai falls, arizona.

I've wanted to go to Havasupai Falls in Supai, Arizona for such a long time but we've never found time to go or have been able to get a reservation. Since these falls are on an Indian Reservation, it's really hard to get tickets to enter and there are never any open camping spots. Last week I called the Reservation just for kicks and they had two open spots for the weekend (normally you have to wait 6 months just for an open spot). So we dropped everything and decided to go hiking and camping for the weekend!


We got up early (at 4:40 am) and drove 4 hours to the Hualapai hilltop in Arizona to start the hike. The hike is ten miles to the campground through the Grand Canyon and a little Native American village.
^^Haulapai Hilltop; our smiling faces before we knew what we were getting ourselves into, ha.^^
^^Supai Falls^^
The ten miles were really hard, but it was so rewarding when we reached Supai Falls. This is what we came for! The water is really that blue because of the excessive Lime deposits in the water. I've never seen anything like it.
 ^^We kept hiking for about a 1/4 of a mile and found the perfect camping spot right along the river and in between some trees.^^
^^Home is wherever you pitch your tent.^^
^^We cooked dinner, walked back up to Supai Falls for a bit, then hung out in our tent for the rest of the night.^^

We woke up before everyone else in the campground and started hiking 6 miles further into the Grand Canyon to see two other falls (Mooney and Beaver Falls). 
 ^^Mooney Falls were my favorite. We were the only people there and it felt like it was just us in the entire canyon.^^
^^The hike down to the base of the waterfall was insane. Ladders, a tunnel (?!?) and scrambling on cliffs. (This was on the way back up so there were a lot more people).^^
 ^^The last falls we hiked to were Beaver Falls. We ate lunch by the river, took a million pictures, and swam/skinny dipped. These are the moments where I can hardly contain myself around all of this natural beauty.^^
After lunch we hiked back up to our campsite, packed up our tent, and made our way back up to Hualupai Hilltop. We ended up hiking in the dark with our headlamps and I was totally suffering, but it was so worth it. 

Havasupai, I love you. We'll be back!



Click here for Tassellove's Etsy shop.
Click here for Tassellove's Bigcartel shop.

In February I showed off my mom's new Etsy shop, Tassellove, and a lot has changed with her business since then. It's grown a ton and she's had almost 100 sales! Whenever I call her she's always "tasselling" (it's a verb now). 

Ever since I can remember Halloween has been a big holiday in our family. We love anything scary and halloween decorations are a given every October. Yesterday I got a surprise package with a Halloween themed tissue/mylar tassel garland:
Tassel garland found here.

She's offering a special deal on the Halloween garlands right now for super cheap. Check it out. Thanks mom!


gold strike hot springs.

^^Some of the hot springs were super green and way too hot to swim in the Nevada heat^^
^^The pool at the bottom edge of the photo is a hot spring and we're dipping our feet into the Colorado River.^^
 ^^Colorado River^^

I haven't seen my friends for quite a while so when they texted me saying "We want to come to Vegas" I almost died with excitement. The party scene in Vegas is cool but growing up we've always been fans of exploring outdoors. So we woke up early in the morning and drove to the Gold Strike Hot Springs Trailhead and starting hiking our hearts out.

The trail goes through a boulder filled slot canyon where you climb down ropes and scramble rocks. Its so dry here (duh) so we were all excited when we hiked through dozens of hot springs. I've never seen anything like that in the middle of the desert. The trail ends with a hot spring running into the Colorado river and it's pretty freaking picture perfect. 

We were the only people there the entire time along the trail and river so it made the experience that much better. Let's go back again?!



^^San Diego beach^^
^^pretty flowers^^
 ^^View from the balcony^^
^^Pelican on the pier^^
^^Sunset gazing on the roof. @allisoncelestia^^

Over the weekend we drove to Encinitas, California for my mother-in-laws 50th birthday (woohoo, Happy birthday Tiff!). We stayed in a house on the beach overlooking the ocean and it was so fun watching the sunset on the evening right on the porch every night. I could really get used to this!

p.s. I hear it's transitioning into fall weather, but it's still 100 degrees over here in Vegas. Someone send over those autumn vibes ;)


the weekend in an instant.

Last week was filled with swimming at Bear Lake, rope swinging into a glacier lake in the mountains, cave exploring, and instax taking. It was pretty perfect. I'll be holding onto these memories real tight while I'm getting back into 'real life' with a full time job and apartment hunting ;)


bloomington lake, idaho

 ^^Nothing beats Idaho's mountains^^
We made it back to America (woohoo!) but the backpacking didn't stop when we left China. The day after we arrived in the U.S. we drove to Utah for my grandpa's funeral and then kept driving up to Idaho to stay at Bear Lake for a few days. 

Today we hiked up to Bloomington Lake and it was so pretty! There were only a few people there and we swung off a giant rope into the glacier lake. Tate and I find ourselves talking about how much we loved living in Idaho so it's been fun being back for a bit. We really didn't see anything like this in China and I really missed it; I'm totally in my element in these mountains. 

note to self: scan our instax photos from today!