^^San Diego beach^^
^^pretty flowers^^
 ^^View from the balcony^^
^^Pelican on the pier^^
^^Sunset gazing on the roof. @allisoncelestia^^

Over the weekend we drove to Encinitas, California for my mother-in-laws 50th birthday (woohoo, Happy birthday Tiff!). We stayed in a house on the beach overlooking the ocean and it was so fun watching the sunset on the evening right on the porch every night. I could really get used to this!

p.s. I hear it's transitioning into fall weather, but it's still 100 degrees over here in Vegas. Someone send over those autumn vibes ;)


the weekend in an instant.

Last week was filled with swimming at Bear Lake, rope swinging into a glacier lake in the mountains, cave exploring, and instax taking. It was pretty perfect. I'll be holding onto these memories real tight while I'm getting back into 'real life' with a full time job and apartment hunting ;)


bloomington lake, idaho

 ^^Nothing beats Idaho's mountains^^
We made it back to America (woohoo!) but the backpacking didn't stop when we left China. The day after we arrived in the U.S. we drove to Utah for my grandpa's funeral and then kept driving up to Idaho to stay at Bear Lake for a few days. 

Today we hiked up to Bloomington Lake and it was so pretty! There were only a few people there and we swung off a giant rope into the glacier lake. Tate and I find ourselves talking about how much we loved living in Idaho so it's been fun being back for a bit. We really didn't see anything like this in China and I really missed it; I'm totally in my element in these mountains. 

note to self: scan our instax photos from today!


guilin, china.

Guilin, China. These last few days have been crazy! Our backpacking plan was to go to a volcanic island called Weizhou off of the coast of Beihai, China. We left Yangshuo and took the five hour train to Beihai. When we got there tickets were sold out to ride the ferry to the island and from there everything went wrong. We both had bad feelings about going to Weizhou island, so we decided to turn right around and get back to Guilin. Long story short... two long distance bus rides, four bus break downs, and 20 hours later we made it back to Guilin:
^^Yes, this happened. I've wanted to dress up in traditional Chinese clothing since we got here so I splurged $1.25 to dress up haha.^^

We went to Elephant Trunk Hill and rested for a day since the last few have been totally exhausting. I'm not sure what would have happened if we had gone to Weizhou Island, but it's better safe than sorry. Guilin was fun anyways!

Our adventure back to America starts today. We head back to Shanghai for a night then fly back to the U.S. China has been so so good to us and I can't believe we're finished. It's been an amazing three weeks traveling through china!


yangshuo day two.

Day thirteen: Yangshuo, China. We covered so much ground today so I have a ton of pictures. We rode over 80 km through villages and mountains and I saw some of the best views of my life:
^^The view of the 20 yuan note.^^
 ^^Our motorcycle for the day^^
^^We had to park the bike and hike 550 steps to get to this viewpoint. So tiring but worth the pain. Since we were at the peak of the mountain we had a perfect 360 degree view of Yangshuo.^^
 ^^Best view in the world. We had to purchase silly hats because it's so hot. I opted with the traditional bamboo farmer hat while Tate bought a bamboo cowboy hat ;)^^
I didn't think we could top yesterdays views, but we did. Hours of riding on a motorcycle on bumpy small dirt roads through hills in mountains took a toll on us, but we ended the ride by swimming in another secluded dam on the river. Guys, I can't get over this place. I've never seen anything like it. I think both of our families would be totally bummed if we didn't come back to America after six months abroad... but I'm considering staying here forever.

We have one day left in Yangshuo and I think we'll spend all day along the river soaking in the mountain vibes.


yangshuo, china.

Day twelve: Yanghsuo, China. We almost didn't go to Yangshuo because it looked like the city was stormy and flooding, but we took our chances. Pinch me... this place is a dream and the weather couldn't be better:
^^We rented bikes and road across the Li River^^
^^Our guide took us to another spot where there was no one else swimming. It felt like we were the only people in the world... except for our guide taking pictures of us in his undies, haha.^^
^^I had to stop and cuddle these monkeys. It's sad that they are on chains, but I could tell the owner loves his monkeys so I didn't feel too bad. They were licking the sweat off my face and ate my floral crown that I had bought from a farmer two minutes earlier.^^
^^Yangshuo mountains^^
We rode bikes through several villages and farms literally all day and it was picture perfect. Tate and I feel like this is all a dream; words can't describe how pretty this place is (or how stupid hot and humid it is). Our guide here is showing us all of the 'secret spots' where tourists normally don't go to because they are only accessible via bikes. We also went to a cave with mud baths and hot springs inside near Moon Hill (where I met those monkeys). 

This small town is quite the change from Beijing, and I love it!

the great wall of china.

Day ten/eleven: Beijing, China. We made it to Beijing! I almost forgot how great this city is. We went to the Great Wall (Mutianyu entrance) and it was just as fun as last time; except today was much hotter than Februarys weather:
^^We woke up a little earlier and made it to the wall before too many people were there.^^
^^Kisses on the Great Wall.^^
^^The Temple of Heaven^^
At one point a butterfly landed on my hand and stayed there for a few minutes while we were hiking. A local mentioned that when a butterfly lands on you it's good luck; she said I will have an "extraordinary life" because it stayed on me for so long... sweet!

Last time we road the toboggan down the Great Wall and we had to do it again. We had so much fun that we almost climbed the Great Wall again just to ride the slide down. 

The next morning we went to Tianamen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven (see our visits back in February here and here). We're so sad Tate's parents are heading back to America, but the backpacking adventure continues! Beijing, I love you.

Next destination: Yangshuo, China.