india day one - delhi.

We made it to India! We landed in Delhi this morning at 4:30AM. Starting the first day off right away is always key to adjusting to a new time zone as quick as possible. We showered (although my luggage is lost (sigh)), ate breakfast, and started our day: 
^^First stop was the Qutub Complex. The tower is over 5 stories high and was built over multiple generationos of Sultans.^^
^^Green parakeets everywhere. I'm in Heaven :)^^
^^Lotus Temple^^
By 4PM we were all exhausted. Since it was too early to go back to the hotel, we decided to SHOP. A little bit of rug shopping is always a good pick-me-up. The employees were stacking and stacking rugs and it was a blast.

The heat is just about killing us (don't even get us started on the humidity!) but we're having an amazing time together. Tomorrow we're exploring more of Delhi.

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  1. Oh my goodness those rugs are amazing! Safe travels and I hope they find your luggage!!


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