wallace, ID for christmas.

^^Christmas Eve morning we dressed up and went to church.^^
^^Wallace used to be a booming Silver mining town, so many of the homes are gorgeous. This is one of my favorite homes.^^
^^The first morning we were there I went snowing with my dad, Tanya, and Eric. Tate stayed behind to watch Daisy while she napped. Just a mile away from our home we started on a trail and it was truly a winter wonderland.^^
^^My dad bought a drone a few weeks earlier so we flew it above Wallace while we were there. I love this tiny town nested in the valley of the mountains.^^
^^Daisy wasn't totally sure we loved the snow (more like the cold weather) but she looked adorable in her puffy white snowsuit.^^
^^We ate at a really great sandwich shop a block from our home - it was our first time going there and I'm already looking forward to go back.^^
^^My family. So much love!^^

This was the first time celebrating Christmas with my entire side of the family in so many years! It was so much fun seeing everyone and sitting by the fire all day/night long. I'm hoping we'll go up to Wallace for the fourth of July! 

seattle, washington.

Last weekend we took a quick trip to Seattle for the weekend to see family before Christmas. It's been so many years since my entire family has been together (between college, my sister living abroad for 4 1/2 years, missions, etc). It was Daisy's first flight and she did great. On the way to Seattle she slept the entire way (coming back to Vegas was a different story but it can't be a success every time!). 
^^Happy to be in Washington. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't freezing there, but we had a log fire running the entire weekend and that was nice.^^
^^Snuggles with grandma.^^
^^My family. So much love! We've been going to this hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant in Seattle for years so we went there for dinner on Saturday night.^^
^^My dad bought a drone and we were testing it out in the backyard. I love how D is looking right into the camera with so much curiosity.^^ 
^^Training Gypsy and Daisy.^^

^^Met up for ice cream at Molly Moon's with my two best friends growing up. It was so much fun catching up after a few years of not seeing each other.^^

Note to self: Visit Seattle more often! We did a lot of relaxing and it was just what we needed as a family.

november moments.

^^Thanksgiving was spent outside deep frying turkey and swimming in the pool. Vegas is perfect this time of year.^^
^^Grandma visiting for the weekend.^^

Can't get over her! She's still our smile queen and we find ourselves taking way too many pictures a day. November was filled with lots of family visits, food, and warm weather. 

lounge queen.

I wish I could lounge as hard as this girl! Tate's grandma gifted us a Dock a Tot before we had Daisy and it's been our favorite baby item, ever. I just put these photos of D together and it's amazing how much she's grown these past (almost) four months. 

Snow White.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love Halloween - everything about it. The scary movies, the spooky decorations, pumpkin carving... I could go on. But Halloween just got that much better because now I can dress Daisy up. Baby Gap had a Disney collection and when I saw this Snow White dress I couldn't resist:
^^We went to the pumpkin patch in our neighborhood and it was a new level of fun. They had goats, apple cider, and slides for young kids.^^
^^I don't know why miss D looks like a little old man, but it's so funny.^^

Halloween is also special to us because we found out we were pregnant exactly a year ago. We had been trying to get pregnant for 12 months and I was convinced that I wasn't going to be pregnant any time soon. But I was anxious on Halloween day and took a test thinking it would come back negative like the many others I had tried. When it turned positive several minutes later I was shaking and I showed Tate. We cried and hugged and 9 months later had our Daisy. If I had known back then how amazing Daisy was going to be I would have patiently waited as long as it took.

Tonight we're staying home and handing out candy to trick or treaters. Happy Halloween!

october moments.

Never realized how much space I needed on my phone until having a baby. I was looking on my phone this morning and I take about 30 pictures a day of Daisy... so below are a few snapshots of our month. I'll call it our October moments:

Daisy turned 3 months this October and she's all smiles. We love when she's in a good mood and her laughing squeals are contagious. Stay little, baby girl!

halloween home decor.

If you know me you know my favorite holiday is Halloween. Ever since I was little I remember watching scary movies with my siblings and mom (my dad was never into scary movies). When Fall rolls around I'm always on Netflix watching tacky ghost adventure shows. 
Glass Stars: Kurt Knudsen Pumpkin Garland: My Minds Eye Skeleton Table Runner: Pottery Barn Halloween Tassel Garland: Tassel Love BOO Marquee Letters: Grandin Road

When my sister lived in Germany her friends would drive over to Poland and buy Polish pottery. We took a girls trip to Poland back in April and I found a few more halloween skulls and pumpkins. I didn't take a picture of the Polish Halloween plate/mug set yet, but I will! 
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