gold strike hot springs.

^^Some of the hot springs were super green and way too hot to swim in the Nevada heat^^
^^The pool at the bottom edge of the photo is a hot spring and we're dipping our feet into the Colorado River.^^
 ^^Colorado River^^

I haven't seen my friends for quite a while so when they texted me saying "We want to come to Vegas" I almost died with excitement. The party scene in Vegas is cool but growing up we've always been fans of exploring outdoors. So we woke up early in the morning and drove to the Gold Strike Hot Springs Trailhead and starting hiking our hearts out.

The trail goes through a boulder filled slot canyon where you climb down ropes and scramble rocks. Its so dry here (duh) so we were all excited when we hiked through dozens of hot springs. I've never seen anything like that in the middle of the desert. The trail ends with a hot spring running into the Colorado river and it's pretty freaking picture perfect. 

We were the only people there the entire time along the trail and river so it made the experience that much better. Let's go back again?!


  1. oh my word, this is the coolest place! i have added it to my list of must visits. thanks for sharing lady!

  2. Wow that sounds amazing, I didn't think Vegas had that side to it apart from the partying so this is cool to find out about :D the photos look fab!

  3. Aw, that last picture makes me happy! :)


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