folkin around

Today was b.e.a.utiful! I went to work this morning still feeling a little cough-y, but my plan was to drive to this little local farm after work to read in the grass and take pictures of the pigs and horses. But. I ended up doing something way different and way fun. I ended up hanging out with a few close friends at Beaver Lake.

We decided to create a band. Which, we'll probably never play again, but it was fun for the day. And we aren't just a normal band. We play on barges. You know, those docks that float around on lakes.

Hence, we're called: The Barge Band. Folky right? I played the mandolin, Kenz played the tambourine and lemon shaker, tucker played the guitar, Dakota drums, and Carlin piano. I'm positive we were ridiculously obnoxious and loud and the sound traveled across the lake, but after about 15 minutes, I realized, who cares if I'm annoying people? I'm having fun. So then I started strumming my mandolin really loud.

The Barge Band almost departing the dock.

Kenzie. Being prettttty.

Tucker on the drums while Dakota was taking a break.

Carlin on the guitar while Tucker was taking a break. Wait what? Why don't I have any pictures of them playing their own instruments??

I found a bunch of feathers around the dock and went with the folk theme... so I put them in my hair.

I had a boat load of fun. Ha. Get it? BOAT load! Stupid joke I know. We're not even on a boat but that gave me a little giggle.

Note to self: I am SO grateful for my friends. They are hilarious, sarcastic, witty, spiritual, pure, and they just make me feel good. And that's what friends are for right? We were all talking about the many places and things we want to do this summer in the little time we have and I'm just really excited to be with my freyyeennds. But I like meeting new people too!

Dear Summer,
I like you. Don't go soon? You're a little unpredictable in Seattle. Stay. We want you here! I want you here. Be here.


  1. Whereeeee did you get that blanket you are sitting on.... AMAZING! Facebook me, or something, cuz literally, I want to know. :)

  2. ha, you would put the feathers in your hair. lucky for you, you can rock it! love all of these photos!

  3. um, I love you. this is the best thing ever. bands that only exist for a day are legendary.

  4. I love the band! Folky is awesome music and sometimes you have to live for yourself and the moment no matter how anyone on the outside sees you. They don't matter but that moment and you're feeling of pure bliss does. I love the hanging out and the feathers in your hair. And your love letter to summer is so heartfelt. I totally get it.



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