a little bit behind.

meh! These past couple of weeks have been a blur. I'm a busy little 18 year old. Or at least I like to think I have a busy life. What is it called when you post about random things again? Blog farts? Not sure... but a blog fart will do.

This is what I have been up to since I came home from Hawaii:

My brother got hitched! I'm really excited for them. And I have a new awesome sister!

Bridge jumping and rope swinging. With my new underwater camera, Pixie. I tested it out and Pixie is 100% waterproof. So next time I jump off a bridge, ill take her with me. I'm not sure if this video will work on here, I've never posted a video before so we'll see.

Laying out at Golden Gardens in Seattle. With my best friend Beyonk cause it was her birthday! She's the best.

A little bit of scrapbooking. Not much though, just creating little layouts with extra paper and embellishments I have. This probably isn't even considered scrapbooking... I'm just really into simple pages right now.

Purchasing big rings. They're just so fun. And girly. And you know what? I think girly is coool.

Dying the tips of my hair! A couple of my friends and I decided it'd be a good idea to you know, dye our hair blue, purple, and pink. haha. If not now, when... right? To be honest, I was a little bit nervous to bleach and dye my hair, but I'm happy with the results.

And now I think i'm going to cuddle with my puppy and watch the finale of the Bachelorette... because I totally cheated last night and only watched the last five minutes. Happy Monday!


  1. Finally! I missed your posts. And as you well know, I love your colored hair. So excited for vintage shopping tomorrow!

  2. You did it! Your hair looks swweeeeeet! What are you gonna do with it when you go to college? Just cut off the tips? LYLAS :)

  3. Finally!! I've been waiting for you to update! Your hair looks awesome... and i'm obsessed with your rings... where did you find them!?!?! I am in the market for a turquoise big ring.

  4. TJ looked so beautfiul at her wedding! Awww! I have always wanted to rope jump! Jealous! And once again I so badly want to dye my hair fun colors like that. You are so right if not now then when? I guess I did have dark hair that looked crazy bright violet in sunlight. Guess back then was my when! haha!



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