kind of reminiscing of rain. and heat.

Stumbling upon really old photos today, kind of reminiscing about last summer. I seriouszzly miss hanging out with my best friend (which by the way, I'm coming home in about a week and could NOT be more excited). Pretty sure last summer was my favorite... full of hikes and outdoor concerts. sigh. This is beyond the point. Amongst my summer photos were these two layouts that I created and haven't yet journaled about:

journaling says: "even though it feels like it rains almost 365 days a year, it makes the sunny days that much better. i love the way the rain feels on my hair and the smell it leaves on the pavement. i love the way it makes the grass bright green and the trees vibrant colors. and i love the sound the rain makes when it taps my window. i like how the rain gives me an excuse to stay inside and watch feel good movies while sipping hot cocoa. im excited to see what the weather will be like when i get to school in idaho, and im positive it wont be as rainy as seattle, but i might actually miss the rain".

no journaling here. But ohmagosh how I wish I was back in Hawaii right now. Or at least somewhere that's guaranteed above 20 degrees. Yesterday morning it was -3 degrees out! The weather here is weird, I can't even remember the last time it rained. Its always sunny, just fetching cold (ha, picked up that word since ive been here its embarrassing).

note to self: definitely going to have to come back to school for winter semester with most of my scrapbooking stuff. I'm kind of scared for the upcoming cold weather for the next few months (as if -3 degrees isn't cold enough), but this will for sure give me an incentive to stay inside and scrapbook more...


  1. ugh, i wish i was back in hawaii. so beautiful.
    now, a few things:
    1. so do you miss seattle rain? and it's true, whenever it WAS sunny in seattle, i felt i HAD to be outside!
    2. is it snowing in rexburg?
    3. why is "fetch" so popular there? it's totes from mean girls!

  2. So i was looking at your blog posts a couple ones back and absolutely LOVE that you are having fun in idaho. I did quest too. (in 04) And had a blast. You will learn so much about yourself there. Enjoy every second. But mostly just enjoy the simplicity. The nature. the lack of good cell phone reception. no tv. little internet (unless they have changed that). But oh how i miss those days of going into town (teutonia), attending that awkward, but awesome branch every sunday. And doing a new adventure every week. You will keep in contact with some of those people for the rest of your life. I love idaho. Never thought I would. But I do. Such a great place and great school. So glad you are having fun.

  3. "Fetch" is totally a Utah/Idaho/Mormon thing to say. I remember when kids started saying it when I was in high school (a million years ago). I thought it was a stupid thing to say, because "heck" was soooo much better.

  4. I agree with TJ. I saw fetch and immediately thought "Fetch isn't going to happen Gretchen!" LOL! It sucks it is so cold there but the sunshine does help on cold days. Makes going outside not as horrible but I would miss the rain. I love the rain so much that my favorite summer past time has always been to sit out on my porch when it rains. I used to fantasize about moving to Seattle when I was younger just to be somewhere it rains so often.



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