skate away.

Its getting freaking cold over here in rexburg. Like, 28 degrees today is relatively warm. But today's my last day here for the semester and i've been craving to skate, so we all went to the rink in Idaho Falls:

note to self: this semester has been amazing. Really had no idea what to expect living away from home (not to mention almost in the middle of nowhere). But I love this little town and call me crazy, but I like the cold weather. and campus. and maybe there's a boy i like here too. haha. alright seattle: see you in less than 24 hours!


  1. i have never been ice skating. can you believe it? so i am very jealous!
    also, who is this boy you speak of ;P

  2. Looks like you have LOTS of boyfriends! Go Allie :)

  3. So stoked to see you tomorrow girlie! It will be good to have Rallison together again.

  4. Also, you MUST tell me about this boy, of course.

  5. I loveee your nailpolish. If only it was still the holidays - I would so totally pick up some at the store today.


  6. FUN FUN!! I am so glad you ended up having such a great time away from home and at university! That is a big part of really finding yourself and becoming an adult when you have to make decisions and live with the consequences of your actions. Some good...some bad...all 100% yours.



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