half price books, according to my fisheye lens.

My friend and I are kind of into purchasing good reads. At school we'd find ourselves leaving our little town in search of used book stores. And what better place than Half Price Books? p.s. is this store just a North West thing?

So this is Half Price Books, according to my sad version of a fisheye lens. We could've spent hours in here (browsing and taking pictures), but instead we went to a super cheap American-Asian sushi restaurant, and I proceeded to avoid my unusual fear of seafood by ordering california rolls and edamame. Yay for good books and sushi!


  1. We don't have one of these here, but I really want one now..

  2. I am DYING for these fish eye lenses... did you use them on your iphone??

    Happy Thursday girlie!

  3. So fun! I love books, I haven't found any old bookstores around here that isn't a chain, but I can spend hours just browsing, even if I'm not buying anything!



  4. did you go to sushiland?!?! love that place!!
    great pictures!!
    xo TJ

  5. You ate sushi? I don't think I know you anymore...

  6. I love used book stores. I always bring my old books to trade in. I could spend hours browsing and curled up in a corner with a book. There's a really neat one by my house that doubles as a bizarre gift shop. It's all twisty turney and cluttered. The best part: it smells like old books. LOVE!

  7. freaking cool blog girl! new follower here : )

  8. hey dear, i am interest with your blog <3
    mind to follow each other? <3


  9. love the pictures! I got a gift card to Half Price Books for my HS graduation and it's been a year and I still haven't used it. Definitely need to go soon!

  10. Love that lense. Is it an app or something?
    I have decided that here we NEED a half price books from looking at your pictures.
    Oh and I never could get up the courage to do the sushi thing.

  11. these photos are too much fun. endless hours in used book stores is never a bad idea... sushi scares me, but edemame is SO GOOD, especially with lemon juice.

  12. Girl no that lady that owns half price is from Texas and Indy is filled with her Half Price Book stores. I live near 3! I do love to go in and wonder to find good reads that I may have never expected or heard of but if able I go to the library or make amazon.com drop them at my beautiful door step.



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