inspiration, lately.

that fantastic tent/home.
velvet couches and vintage chandeliers.
navajo textiles.
furry bunnies and baby bears.
isolated lakes.
camping under the stars.


  1. I have seriously been seeing tents galore.. and GLAMOUROUS tents!! If I had one of those fancy pants one, I'd say toodles to rent!!

    Happy Friday friend!

  2. Such a lovely post of inspirational things ! ^^ I's love to get some antlers on the wall, I'm just not sure if I'm against hunting or not. If it's for food, then I approve :) My stepdad does it and it's not just for "fun". Antlers make a gorgeous wall art / jewellery hanger etc.. Ahh I just loved these photos ^^

    Thank you for the comment! I'm following you btw.

    x Satu
    Indie by heart

  3. Love the antlers on the wall!

  4. i can't think of anything else other than those baby cubs now!!!! curse you allison! ;)

  5. all of these things... i love too! well, maybe not so much the camping thing ;p
    xo dana


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