summer solstice carnival.

In celebration of summer solstice my apartment complex threw a BBQ and mini carnival. A rock climbing wall, mechanical bull, inflatable race courses, you name it. And free cotton candy. Clearly we had to go:

My day was complete after watching Tate attempt the mechanical bull. That picture says it all. And too many photo booth pictures? never. I've also been converted to the choco taco: a taco filled with ice cream topped with chocolate. Thank you Taco Time for the best creation ever.

note to self: go to as many carnivals this summer as possible.


  1. Haha,those photo booth pics are hilarious!I grew up on choco tacos!

  2. Taking too many photobooth pictures is ALWAYS a good choice! Looks like fun!

  3. Cute pics! :D

    With love,Mia

  4. that taco sounds so tempting my mouth it watering!

  5. Funnn! I wish that they had carnivals like that where I live!

  6. hm, taco time? yeah, that's right. WAAAAAY better than taco bell.
    1. why does tate look like he's sweating profusely in that first picture.
    2. your face in the top right corner. i can't....i just can't even talk about it.

  7. Is it like a normal taco shell or a dessert one? Cuz that would be a deal-breaker for me if it was a plain ol' taco shell :)

  8. That looks like so much fun and now I want some cotton candy!

    This makes me excited for the fairs we have coming up. We have a lame 4-H Fair(I only go for the food. I'm not a big fan of farm animals haha) and then our Street Fair in September which has been going on in this town for over a 100 years. I just love carnivals.

  9. I live for cotton candy and photo booth pictures!



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