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It's been too long since I've made an inspiration board like this. Lately anything outdoors is getting my creative juices flowing. And desert plants, too. We're going to Moab UT this summer for ten days and we c a n t wait. I've always wanted to go there but the timing has never been right. It's going to be a blast just exploring and exploring; and then some. Summer, here we come!

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  1. I want to go to Moab so badly!! We're going to Park City for two weeks at the end of June and stopping by Zion to backpack for a fews days and I can't wait!! I love love love this inspiration board, I must try one myself one of these days...

  2. How exciting! Have fun on your summer adventure :D

  3. Loving the desert too right now, wanting a little trip out the Palm Springs before it becomes scorching

  4. This inspiration board is so cute! i could look at it for hours. When i jump the gun to the US i cant wait to have access to the desert! cactuses are my fav!
    x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips

  5. What? So jealous! I've wanted to go to MOAB for so long!! I'm assuming you are going with Tate's family. Boo! ;P


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