DIY conversation heart posters.

If you don't know yet, it's time... I'm obsessed with Valentine's day. I love anything red and pink (especially if it's shaped like a heart).  I want to share more DIY projects and thought this one was fun! I made poster-sized candy conversation hearts and it was cheap and quick. Here's how to:
Materials needed: red + white paint, x-acto knife, pencil, paintbrush, heart template, red + pink foam core.

Step one: Trace your heart onto foam core
Step two: Cut out hearts with an x-acto knife
Step three: Paint valentine candy phrases on hearts
That's it! This project took me less than an hour and cost under $15. Now if I can just convince Tate to let me take these to China with me... ;)


  1. These are so super duper cute! You're always coming up with really fun ideas!

  2. Love! Though I'm not sure how you will get these to China, ha. AWWW, I can't believe you're leaving in just a few short days!!!!!!

  3. These are so stinking cute! Such a great idea :)

  4. So cute!! I can't get enough Conversation Hearts at this time of year:)


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