travel in style.

I've always loved packing for trips but the hardest part is bringing only what I need. It's so hard not packing my entire closet; and even harder finding fashionable stuff that is still "travel friendly". We've decided we're only taking hiking backpacks and sharing one suitcase for China so we're packing light. But it wasn't hard to decide that I'm definitely packing this stuff:

Chrome Bag: This is the perfect commuter/tourist shoulder bag. It fits three cameras, passports, cash, and snacks. I'm not even going to bother carrying around a purse when this fits everything.

Marc Jacobs watch: I didn't become a watch person until a couple of weeks ago but since then, I haven't taken my watch off. Not too flashy, but adds style to every outfit.

Coal hat: I wore this almost everyday when we lived in Idaho (with the -15F weather) and I'm definitely bringing it to China. 

Sorel boots: These aren't quite snow boots, which is why I love them. They're perfect for everyday wear/short hikes/cold weather. And I think they'll transition into Spring weather juuuust fine.

Instax camera: I can't go anywhere without an instax camera. It's a chunky camera but the photos are so worth it. I always make sure I have at least two packs of film on me at any given moment.

Ray Bans: My favorite go-to sunglasses. Can't go wrong with round glasses. 

Hope this helps you out a bit if you plan on traveling soon! 


  1. I am loving this list!! Happy travels!

  2. That camera bag is amazing! Putting it on my list for the future. I don't know much about camera bags, so thanks for your help!


  3. Love all of these pick and they are so perfect for winter.

  4. Can we rewind time so I can put all of these things on my Christmas list? Sheesh. Cute stuff, lady. That watch definitely caught my eye. So did the camera. And the hat. And and and and and :)

  5. We just ordered coal hats! Glad to hear you like yours :)

  6. Take lots of pictures with the Instax camera!! :D

  7. Ooo, this was definitely a handy post! You guys definitely sound like you're packing light for China. I usually bring two suitcases with me, haha. I guess I'm not very practical x)

  8. Can I ask how you got this opportunity in China? Me and my husband have had this feeling for ages that we should live in China for a while (we are travellers but we like to stay in one place for at least a year at a time to experience the whole thing!) and this year we really got the itch to pursue our plans further. If it is not too personal, can you maybe tell me how you started going about it? Thanks :)

    1. Sure! Our friends from school went to China last year and they said they had an incredible time learning about a new culture and spending time with each other. We're going through a program called China Horizons. They owners are really reliable and nice people and have made the process really easy! And it's great because they have dozens of locations so we were able to put our top choices down. I think they have an option of going for a year but we're going for six months. We're with you guys though; we love traveling but couldn't go somewhere for this long unless we were volunteering/getting paid to teach English.

      Feel free to email me if you have any other questions! allisoncelestia(dot)blog(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. everything is so good! i got the black version of those sorels for christmas and absolutely love them. on the hunt for the perfect round ray bans for awhile now…soon, i hope. i'm sure this light packing will be much less stress when you move! how exciting!! x

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