"leaning tower of suzhou".

This weekend we took advantage of the nice weather and took the metro to Tiger Hill, the burial ground of the founding father of Suzhou (our city). This is Suzhou's main tourist attraction because the pagoda at the top of the hill is actually leaning! It's known as the leaning tower of the East. Several of our American friends came to visit us over the weekend and it was so fun showing them around (I'm realizing we know this city actually pretty well!). I'm also realizing that pictures sometimes don't do justice, the real thing is just so much better. 

note to self: Tate and I laugh to ourselves almost everyday about how different our lifestyle is here from back in America. Life is very carefree, relaxed, and last minute in China. Remember to take advantage of it while we can!


  1. Wow, I'd never even heard of this but it looks stunning! I think that carefree, living in the moment type of feeling is what I miss most about travelling or living in another country for a period of time - there is literally nothing like it. x

  2. That kind of lifestyle sounds absolutely perfect, enjoy it!

    The London Project

  3. amazing photos! and sounds like you are really enjoying this new life style :)

  4. Amazing pictures, as always! How long are you staying?


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