field trip.

Friday was one of those "is this real life?!" moments. We had a field trip with our kindergarden at a tulip festival and there was a three hour 'free time' so Tate and I took off. We hiked random trails up the mountain for a while and then came across this lake...

I've never seen water this color before, no one was at this spot, the weather was perfect, and it was quiet. And when you see a lake this clean in China you have the urge to jump right in it. So that's what we did (or what Tate did). We had no intention of finding this lake or going swimming but that's what happened! And we both realized that this is why we came to China; to experience random moments like this that we'll laugh about later.


  1. So the lesson is always take your swim shorts? or did you just get it all off?

    Buckets & Spades

  2. Wow! This sounds so perfect. I love moments like that- completely unexpected and resulting in the best memories.

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

  3. oh my word! absolutely stunning. what an incredible place!

  4. That color is lovely; very jealous! Reading your post always makes me yearn for traveling again. Sounds like you two are having a wonderful time!

  5. The color of the lake is amazing and it seems like it's one of those untouched places, I really love it!


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