slow down.

A blurry one, but a good one. A few weeks back the flowers were in perfect bloom so we went outside, tied our camera to the tree, and turned on the self timer. And then this happened. Life is going so so fast here and I can't believe we only have a few short months left in China. I'm really happy the way things have turned out here; somehow life is falling into place perfectly and we're trying to take advantage of the random opportunities that show up literally right in front of our faces. Life can be silly that way.

note to self: stay less focused on 'what's next' and enjoy the moment!  


  1. I want time to speed up so you can be HOME. But, I'm very happy that you're having such a good experience. Can't wait to hear all your stories!

  2. I second your mom! Hurry up already!!

  3. I love this so much. That picture is all sorts of perfect!

  4. This is sweet!! I've been learning to do that more, too :) p.s. just emailed you on your blog email!

  5. I love that photo :) so sweet. All of the photography on your blog is beautiful! I'm abroad in Ireland, and as my time comes to an end here, I have to focus on your note to self: enjoy the moment! xx

    The What's In Between

  6. This photographs is so cute! I don't know if this was intentional in your post but how you've put "less focused" at the end and coincidently have your photo in less focus too is very clever! :D