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In February I showed off my mom's new Etsy shop, Tassellove, and a lot has changed with her business since then. It's grown a ton and she's had almost 100 sales! Whenever I call her she's always "tasselling" (it's a verb now). 

Ever since I can remember Halloween has been a big holiday in our family. We love anything scary and halloween decorations are a given every October. Yesterday I got a surprise package with a Halloween themed tissue/mylar tassel garland:
Tassel garland found here.

She's offering a special deal on the Halloween garlands right now for super cheap. Check it out. Thanks mom!


  1. Love your table with all the pumpkins!!

  2. Allie! I love your apartment and I love the picture of you in the pumpkin patch. Thanks for showing off my tassel skillz ;-)

  3. believe me when i saw i almost bought those birks yesterday! I want to get them! are yours leather? i've never bought borks, do they fit true to size? they look so cute on you :)

    1. Thanks girl! Honestly I bought them in 10th grade when I thought I was so "granola". I think they're true to size, but I bought a size too big (and in fact, they're too big). These ones aren't leather, they're a harder suede. Get em!

  4. seriously these are too cute! okay... i'm going to buy one by the end of the month :)


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