boleslawiecki, poland.

^^We took a three hour drive from Czech Republic to Poland through farm land, villages, and mountains and arrived at this castle built in the 1500's. I couldn't wait to wake up in the morning to get a better view of the place we slept in the night before.^^
^^Front of the palace we stayed in^^
^^View from our room. Can I move in?^^
^^Sisters in Poland ♥^^
^^Going pottery cray in Poland. Don't tell my husband...^^
We spent the day driving around Boleslawiecki from store to store collecting all sorts of pottery. I wish we had these easily available in the states! The patterns are so unique  I ended up scoring a Polish cake plate, pitcher, lemon squeezer, and a few other small things for our house. I'm loving these day trips and wish this vacation could last longer!

Note to self: Next time, take an extra luggage for pottery ;)

Next stop: Paris, France


  1. I miss you so much already! Come back!!

  2. Wow that pottery is absolutely GORGEOUS. What a wonderful adventure!


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