hermitage bayreuth, germany.

^^New Palace^^
^^Stones set in every inch of the palace^^
^^Ruin Theatre^^
^^New Palace. The curves represent the palace of Apollo in heaven. According to mythology, the god departs in his sun chariot every morning, to cross the world and fill it with his light^^
^^Hermitage Palace, now known as Old Palace^^
^^Palace lovin' with my little niece, Janey^^
Today we visited a palace built in the 1700's in a town called Bayreuth. After Margrave Friedruch took over the government, he presented this entire complex to his wife for her birthday(!) in 1735. Spring is in full bloom here and it's gorgeous!

Tomorrow: Prague, Czech Republic


  1. ahhh this looks amazing! i haven't heard of this place before, definitely adding it to my travel list :)

  2. wow really beautiful and so peaceful looking!!!


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