sloan canyon.

^^All of the cacti are blooming in the desert and I love it. Can't get over that pink!^^
^^Petroglyphs from the Archaic Period^^
A few weeks ago we heard about Sloan Canyon Petroglyphs that are right outside of Henderson (the city we live in). The directions and everything about this hike is low key since the Bureau of Land Management is trying to keep this area on the down low due to vandalism. These petroglyphs are from the Meso-Indian period, between 8000 to 2000 BC, and there are about 1,700 stones with petroglyphs. Even the hike isn't clearly marked so trying to find the petroglyphs themselves were a challenge but once we made it, we knew.

I loved looking at these and thinking about the stories the Natives were trying to tell. It was clear the trail was once a river and that was even more fascinating thinking about how the earth has transformed since then (I mean, we are in the middle of the desert!)

This blog has sort of transformed into our weekend adventure trips and not much of a design blog. Our week days consist of four jobs between the two of us (and we both work from home) so we really just want to get o u t s i d e by Friday. In two weeks I'm heading to Germany to visit my sister and I can't wait!

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  1. Wow, what a gorgeous hike! Cacti are so beautiful when they begin to bloom. My boyfriend and I are hoping to take a trip out to Joshua Tree in California here pretty soon - we just did Mt. Baldy in L.A. County. Petroglyphs are awesome - I remember my Grandparents taking me to see Petroglyph National Monument in New Mexico back in the day. Nothing wrong with becoming an adventure blog - it definitely inspires those like me to go out and explore more! :)


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