couch rehab.

I've always been a fan of saving money and DIY projects and ever since we got this couch for free I've wanted to give it a little more life. It's in perfect condition, but needed a little tufting on the pillows and tapered legs so it looks like it's from this century ;) In case you're wondering, this is the tutorial video I watched on how to tuft pillows.

My dad made those wooden tapered legs for the couch and I'm really impressed with how they turned out. Thanks dad! 


  1. Ah I think I have a nearly identical couch that's green velvet. So - what did you do with the bottom flap of fabric? I've wanted to remove it but am afraid of the staple marks. Did you tuck it under and sew it on the bottom?

  2. That's awesome! I just carefully ripped off the fabric flap at the bottom of the couch; the staples were industrial strength so it did take a little bit of work but I don't see any visible holes in the couch. You can see that there is a darker line where the staples/flap used to be. I think that will even out if I take a steamer to the couch and relax the flat fibers. But either way the line doesn't both me much. I just threw away the bottom flap :)

    If you end up working on your couch I'd love to see pictures! Good luck.

  3. Great job! Can't wait to see how you style that bad boy! Miss ya!


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