goldstrike hotsprings.

^^One of the first signs of hot springs along the trail.^^
^^Soaking in hot springs (promise I'm wearing a swimsuit).^^
^^Tillman Bridge from the mouth of Goldstrike Canyon.^^
I hiked Goldstrike Hot Springs about a year and a half ago (see previous hike here) and I've been wanting to go back since. With the three day weekend we couldn't think of a reason why not to go. If there's one thing we've learned about long weekends, it's to start your hike early!! By the time we were hiking out there were floods of people making their way down the trail. Tate and I are 'solitude' hikers... we like to hog nature to ourselves :)

Goldstrike hotsprings is a 6.5 mile hike just outside of Boulder City, Nevada. The hike leads through a narrow canyon with several boulder obstacles along the way. The hike leads to the Colorado River and about 1 mile from the river, there are 4-5 hot springs you can soak in along the way.

Note to Self: Next time, pack a waterproof camera.

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