valley of fire.

^^Windstone Arch / Fire Cave^^
I've heard this arch is particularly hard to find, so I was a bit nervous to look for it. We were just about to give up looking for it (it's not labeled on the park map) but I ended up looking randomly inside a rock formation and found it! For those wondering, it's only 200 or so meters from the Arch Rock entrance on the right sight of the road.
^^Ah, heart skips a beat. Nothing is prettier than this hot pink in the middle of a sandy desert.^^
^^Inside of Windstone arch (also known as Fire Cave). It takes millions of years for the wind to break down the rock and make these holes in the wall.^^
^^Crazy Hill^^
I hadn't heard of Crazy Hill until recently. There are so many hidden spots that are less known in Valley of Fire and this is an easily missed destination. It's called Crazy Hill for a reason! The colorful waves in the rock is unlike anything else.

For those wondering, park in parking area #3 past Rainbow Vista (this is also the parking lot for the Fire Wave hike). The parking lot will be on the left side of the road. Once in the parking lot and having your back to the road, you will see a wash that starts from the far right corner of the parking lot. Follow the wash down for about 5 minutes. Follow the large 'white' rock and you will see Crazy Hill.
^^Big old lizard. I screamed a lil' when I saw him right by my feet.^^
^^Another shot inside of Windstone Arch / Fire Cave.^^

I've lived Vegas for around two years and my absolute favorite part about the desert is the cacti in full bloom during Spring. When we both finished up work early today we decided to take a quick drive to Valley of Fire (it's only an hour from our home) to check out the flowers. Plus, there were a few spots we missed last time we went that I've been thinking about ever since. The Windstone Arch and Crazy Hill were on the top of my 'list' and they didn't disappoint. Tate and I both decided Valley of Fire is one of our favorite State Parks. If you come to Vegas, skip the Strip and drive right here!

Next adventure: Bryce Canyon National Park

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