sundance, utah.

We went to Sundance, UT last weekend to see my brother and sister in law since they drove down to Utah for the week. We stayed at my great-grandparents cabin just behind the ski resort in the mountains. My great-grandma Celestia (who I'm named after) and her husband built this cabin in 1920 while they were in college. Land was inexpensive and Sundance had not yet been "settled" so they were one of the first people to build in the area. I kept thinking how cool it was that we're staying here 3 generations and almost 100 years later:
^^The cabin is right along a river so we spent most of our time on the porch reading books and relaxing. There's no internet or wifi up there but it's always nice to 'unplug' for a few days.^^ 
^^The hike up to Stewart Falls is extremely quick from the cabin, and it's always our 'go-to' when we're up in Sundance.^^
^^View from the top of Stewart Falls^^
^^Tate and I took the ski lift at Sundance up and down the mountain. You can actually see Stewart Falls in the far distance of the mountains.^^
I'm looking through photos from our time in Sundance and I already want to go back! The smell of the cabin and forest alone is enough to make me want to live there full-time. Until next time, Utah! 

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