glacier national park day two.

Glacier National Park Day Two: Numa lookout. Today's hike was 12 miles (round trip) up a mountain up to a fire lookout on Numa Peak in Glacier National Park. The hike gently rises along Bowman Lake then follows up several high switchbacks until you reach the peak. The total elevation was 3,000 feet:
^^Rainbow Peak in the background.^^
^^Bowman Lake from the fire lookout.^^
^^Fire lookout^^
^^Rainbow Peak and Square Peak behind.^^
^^The views from the lookout are unreal. Talk about an interesting job to work in a fire lookout. We met the man who was working the 10 day shift on the mountain, and it sounds like he really enjoys himself while he's here.^^
We were pretty exhausted by the time we came back down the mountain so we took a dip in the glacier freezing Bowman Lake. Although very cold, it was rewarding after the hike. 

Tomorrow is our last day in Glacier. We don't want summer to end!

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  1. That view!!! I have a trip planned to Colorado in a few weeks and we are gonna camp and hike and I can not wait!



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