we bought a home!

We bought a home over the summer! Hence, we haven't been traveling so no blog posts as of late. Our home is in our dream neighborhood and we were excited to do a few renovations before moving in. I'll have to do another blog post of before and afters, but here's a bit of our home that you may have seen on instagram:
^^We tore out two dividing walls and an outdated media wall, took out the carpet and replaced the flooring throughout the house, re-tiled the kitchen and fireplace, put in fans + light fixtures, and painted all of the wals/put in baseboards. The manual labor was tough (luckily we had lots of help from family and friends) but we'd do it again in a heartbeat.^^
^^Our laundry room tile. Tate actually picked this tile out and I was so close to getting something much less exciting, but I'm glad we went with the honeycomb tile.^^
^^Dining room.^^
We're happy to be in our own place and I've enjoyed every minute of it so far. Nevada has our hearts 


  1. Your fireplace is just gorgeous! I love how you've decorated for Halloween - very cute!

  2. That laundry room tile is to die for! I hope you'll definitely share some before & afters. It looks absolutely beautiful!

  3. Congratulations on purchasing your new home! Not only does the place look cozy, it seems to have a modern, yet minimalistic feel which I thoroughly enjoy. I really enjoy the contrast between the dark wood flooring and the white walls and miscellaneous items. Furthermore, I think the occasional dark black items (such as the mirror edge, ceiling fan, and picture frames) are a perfect touch for this home. I’m completely jealous!


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