Paris, France Day Two.

This morning was a bit rainy we wanted to hit up the museums that Paris has to offer. Our first stop was the Musee D'Orsay. The art museum quickly became packed with tourists (and I've heard Sundays are the busiest days) but we enjoyed the sculptures and impressionist sections the most.
^^This window/clock overlooks the city Paris.^^
^^View of the clock above from outside.^^
^^Before our next stop to the Louvre, we walked to Angelina Cafe. We've both been to Paris before, but we've never been together. Our favorite place to get hot chocolate in the world is definitely this place! It's extremely rich and thick and the restaurant alone is gorgeous.^^
^^Hot chocolate, citrus tart, and a chocolate and cream pastry. This was before we ate lunch... oops.^^
^^We then walked to the Louvre.^^
^^Of course we stopped to see the Van Ghogh section and the famous "Mona Lisa" by Da Vinci. There were SO many people crowded around the Mona Lisa we had to squeeze are way to the front like little sardines. She may be small in size but she's worth it, I can promise that!^^
^^The mall next to the Lourve - Carrousel du Louvre, had a few awesome shops including this one with the tile flooring. I obliged to take a picture. We stopped at the Maille mustard shop, and Tate purchased a few mustards to bring back to Vegas.^^
^^After we were done with both museums and lunch, we wanted to walk to the Eiffel Tower to take a few photos. The sun was coming out and it ended up being a really relaxing time just hanging out here. We probably sat here for an hour or so enjoying ourselves and the view.^^
^^Me and my <3 in front of the Eiffel Tower!^^

Anyone who says Paris isn't romantic needs to give this place a second chance. If nothing else I'm having a love affair with all of the amazing food we've been eating, hah. Tomorrow we're exploring more of Paris - we have a week here to relax and play so we might even sleep in!

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