the big one-eight

I honestly never thought I'd be eighteen. I remember in elementary school looking at even the sixth graders and thinking that they were sooo old. Let alone in high school, the Seniors looked a lot older than I could ever be. I thought when I'd turn eighteen I'd feel this change, like suddenly I'd be more mature or look like a "real" adult. Well, that didn't happen. But I still feel awesome! Yesterday was my birthday and I was trying to figure out what I can do now that I'm eighteen. Here's what I came up with:

-I can vote (sweet. but honestly politics bore/confuse the heck out of me)
-I can purchase cigarettes (haha..... this won't be an issue though don't worry)
-I can enter contests (!!!)
-I can buy pets (this is awesome. and dangerous. I went to petco yesterday, but I ended up only teasing myself. I would have taken home a ferret right then and there, but I already have an issue of what I'm going to do with my pets when I go to college...)

Anyways, this is me eighteen years ago:
I think I'm a pretty cute baby if I say so myself :)

And here's a few things that I got for my birthday:

To me, from me. Bakers twine. 240 yards of bakers twine! I'm in love.

To me, from me. An alphabet rolling stamp. I was thinking this would be awesome for scrapbooking and pretty cute with my typewriter.

From Paige. I like when my sister gives me lotsa scrapbooking supplies for my birthday. This years she gave me thickers, stamps, a crochet kit, washi tape, ink pads, glitter paper, and more. Thanks Paige! The only problem is how I'm going to store that in my apartment at BYU.....

I also bought this for myself yesterday with my birthday checks from my grandparents:
The Yudu Machine! Probably the coolest invention Provo Craft has created yet. A customer at Ben Franklin was telling me how this new screen printing machine came out and her son wanted to buy it and make screen printed apparel and sell it while he was in college. Except it was 400.00. I thought, crap, that's expensive. Low and behold, Michaels was having a Memorial weekend sale where the Yudu Machine, plus all of the basic supplies, were packaged into one and selling for 99.00! I had to get it. 5 minutes after I saw this ad online, my mom and I rushed to Michaels and bought it. I'm a happy lady. My plan is to steal that boy's idea and take this to BYUI, making screen printed shirts using American Apparel tees, and sell them. I'm determined!

My mom also gave me a BYUI sweater (which is ridiculously soft) and my brother gave me a basic American Apparel tee. Overall, this birthday was my favorite. A lot of people have been telling me that this year is going to be the best with leaving the house, being a freshman in college, etc etc. And I'm falling for it. I'm so excited to see what my eighteenth year has ahead for me.

On another note, It's my sister's birthday today! She always tell's me that I "stole her thunder" because the day after I was born was her birthday, and my mom was still in the hospital when it was supposed to be her day to shine. Sorry Paige :). But actually, I really like having our birthday's close to each other. I think it's a pretty cool story to tell and I feel like it gives some sort of sister bond that brings us closer together. So, happy birthday Paigey! Hope this one is the best.

p.s. Another blog comin' right up (tomorrow). Today I'm going to Seattle for the Folklife festival. Guaranteed there will be some cool and funny things to talk about. ta-ta for now!


  1. aww, yay! sounds like a great birthday! can't wait to read more tomorrow! "alien monster"!

  2. So glad you resisted and didn't buy any more pets!

    I can't WAIT to see your first Yudu creation!

    Happy birthday, again, love ya!

  3. OMG I was so excited when I was 18 and could vote...sadly it was right after the 2004 election! :-( I love the list of all the great things that come with turning 18!



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