folklife 2011

As you can tell, I didn't blog on Sunday with all my pictures of Folklife from the day before. I tried to take pictures, but right when I pulled out my dad's little camera that I borrowed to take a really awesome picture of the space needle, the camera died. Just my luck. So I didn't even get one stinkin' picture of the needle. But I'll talk about folklife anyways. What is "folklife" you ask? I've been trying to sum that up myself for the past few days with a good answer, but I can't. Basically folklife is for people who don't go to Sasquatch and pretend that they're hippies for the day (including me). I wore a pretty cool long skirt, jean shirt, lotsss of big jewelery, and a few belly-dancing skirts/belts that I bought from Egypt last year. Next time I wear it (and I have a feeling it will be soon), I'll take it with a camera that actually has a charged battery and post it. Anywho, Google says folklife is "A multi-multicultural arts organization dedicated to serving the ethnic, traditional, and folk arts communities of the Northwest".

And because I didn't have 300 dollars to go to Sasquatch for the weekend, I went to Seattle instead with Bianca. We rode the bus, which was ridiculously crowded, shopped a little in downtown, then walked to folklife where we went to every little clothing and food stand. I ended up getting a chicken tikka masala plate which was D-LICIOUS! Just wish I had a picture of it....

I ended up getting this at the end of the day because one, I can't resist knit sweaters and two, it's ridiculously warm which will be perfect for Idaho:

I also made Bianca and her little sister walk with me back into downtown to get this dress I was salivating over:

Want to know the origional price? 200 smacks. Want to know how much I got it for? 42 dollars. I have a really big grin on my face right now. I've wanted this dress since I saw it on the mannequin, but 200 dollars is a lot of money for a girl with a part-time job. I saw it online about a month later reduced, but it was 99.00. Still too expensive. I actually pulled out my debit card the very next day to splurge, but when I went back online, the sold out. I thought, "that's probably a good thing Allison. You don't need to spend 99.00 anyways".

Lesson learned: patience. I wasn't expecting this lovely navy blue dress to be on the sale rack, but it was there. Only one left! The EXACT size I needed too. For 42 dollars. Did I already say that? hehe.

Dear Seattle, you never let me down. I'll miss you when I leave. I'll miss you a lot...


  1. Cute! Who's your photographer?

  2. swoon. you wear that dress well my friend. ALLISON. looked up jeff, our masked friend....i wish you could have been here to see my face. yikes. hahaha

  3. You look so much like Malm!!! Pretty dress Allie. Very glad you waited til it was "only" $42 :)

  4. That belt is killer! What a fun look for a festival!



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