prommy prom prom

Saturday was prom. So fun! I got off of work at three, came home, and got ready for the dance. Whenever I get ready for school dances, I blast music in my bathroom while applying makeup. Which by the way, I wore really bright red lipstick. I was kind of scared to wear it, but I like the way it turned out. Anyways, this time I was listening to Taking Back Sunday in the bathroom. Haha such an old band. But they never tire me.

And these are some photos:

My besties. Kenzie and Bianc. I think this is my favorite photo of all of us. Totally need a framed photo of this for my apartment in Rexburg.

So we drove to the Fremont Studios in Seattle, had dinner, took pictures, and danced our little hearts out. We all stopped at Gasworks Park and sat on top of the hill overlooking Seattle. I was kind of quite on that hill, but I just couldn't think of what to say. Seattle is SO freaking beautiful. After that, we went swimming at the Bean's house. So fun! Except my one-piece swimsuit is super duper old and super duper teeny now. Did I tell you I'm kind of obsessed with the true-crime writer from Seattle, Anne Rule? I supplied a few true scary stories about Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgeway while we were all in the hot tub. I'm giggling right now. I really like sharing scary stories, even though they are true and sad and heart breaking, it's wrong I know.

After we all scared ourselves with those stories, we got dressed, and debated on where to go next. This was about 1:30 in the morning. We decided to go to Tucker's, and there we watched a movie. I liked getting home at around three. I'm really looking forward to no curfew in college. I'm giggling to myself again :)

Verdict: prom was a success. Definitely a night I'll remember forever!


  1. You look sooooooooooooo pretty Allie! I'm going to try and scrap some of these pics mkay?

  2. you must wear red lipstick more often. i'm a fan!!

  3. OMG Prom! I have to admit in high school I was so anti-school dances. My mother forced Prom upon me (she even acquired my date for me) and my junior prom was lame. I mean I'm not going anywhere but my Senior friends loved it. Now senior prom was pretty cool because you know it is coming to the end of everything. High School and all. You may never see these people again before it all changes. Aww....memory lane!

    Anyway you look amazing and red lipstick is very you! (So is the color yellow)!



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