and then i realized...

I've been kind of stressed out lately. I'm taking three online classes, two of which I can take the tests whenever I want, and the other is a set schedule so I have to turn in assignments on certain dates. Anthropology, Geography, and Geology. I've finished the geology class, anthropology is the set schedule so I can't really get ahead in that class, and I have ten quizzes left for geography that I've been stalling since the beginning of the quarter. That's a whole 'nother story though. I actually really like Geology though. I like it a lot. I might even want to major in it......

On that note, other things I'm stressed about:
-Thinking about working 40 hours a week in the summer. I really really don't want to work in the summer because it'll be my last, but I then I do want to work because I really really need money. I do want to work, I don't.... I do want to work, I don't.... gahh.

-Graduation. I'm really excited to graduate and all that. I guess I'm not so stressed about that. I'm actually not at all. It's the "getting time off work" part that's stressful. I've been getting a lot of work off lately for things such as my senior project, my wisdom teeth, my birthday, prom... basically the normal things a normal high school student goes through.

-When the HECK am I going to receive information about classes, the outdoor program I'm doing in the fall, and apartment shtuff. Helllloooo! I've done down payments on all of these things, which by the way aren't cheap, and it's time I get info! Slackers.

-What I'm going to do with my bunnies when I leave for school. Want a bunny? Or two? I'd take them with me if I could, trust me. But BYUI approved housing doesn't allow pets. Stupid.

And then I was surfing on the web at this website that has all of these inspirational pictures and quotes and I saw this:
I know this has nothing to do with relieving stress. But when I saw this, I realized that I should probably be spending my time having fun and doing things that I want to do. Wasting my time thinking about all my issues will clearly not help. It's not going to make them disappear. I should probably just call the apartment complex and ask for info or recognize that if I work more now, I'll have more fun later at school.

So even though I've made the executive decision (while I'm typing this) to work more in the summer, I'm still going to have fun! I want to find out more about myself before leaving home. I think I need a taste of something outside of Washington, if you know what I mean. This means, a road trip to Oregon to climb or a ferry ride to Canada. (Is that possible? haha).

Whatever this summer has in store for me, bring it on! I'm ready for an adventure.


  1. You're funny Allie :) In a really good way! I love your blog.


  2. i love that quote AND the picture along with it! oh no! you have to get rid of your bunnies? so sad! i'm right along with you for stress. just know that all of these things are not the end of the world. everything will work out. i say you definitely work this summer, but not so many hours. you want to enjoy your last summer of being a youngin'. cause trust me, after you reach college, all anyone does is work work work!


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