smashing isn't it?

Holy crap. I just did a really awesome post and it all deleted. And I'm pretty sure my face is red right now because I just got hot because I'm mad it deleted. So here it goes again.....

K&Company just came out with a new line called SMASH. In this line, they have a few different journals like the "mod style" and "eco style" or "pretty style". I went with the "mod style" because I liked the pages in it and the cover was cool.

The SMASH line finally came in at work a couple of days ago and it's eye candy. I keep finding my body gravitating towards this line to touch and look and all of the products instead of doing work. This line doesn't just have journals. You can buy stickies, pockets, paper clips, you want it... they have it. I had to go back to work yesterday on my day OFF because I just couldn't wait until my next shift to buy it all.

I haven't purchased all of the accessories with the SMASH journal (yet), but here's what I've bought so far:

The "doodle style" journal. With a really cool design embossed on a super thick kraft cover.

One of the many pages with designs on it. I think it's quite inspiring. And I just noticed the "A" on the top left corner. How perfect....

Washi tape. I couldn't resist. I actually bought 34 more dollars worth on tape on Etsy this morning. Can't you imagine a clear glass cookie jar filled with colorful tape? I can. And it looks like a crafter's heaven to me.

A paper clip shaped like a bird. Who designs this stuff? Make more please!

More cute paper clips.

And SMASH stickies.

I started decorating the cover of the journal last night. I like the way it looks so far. I think I'm going to add more tape to it once my package comes in the mail.

This is my first journaling. I'm going to try to take this journal with me everywhere this summer. I want to record what I'm doing, my thoughts, and what I'm feeling. You know, all that stuff. Hopefully by the end of August this journal will be filled with creativity.

Have a SMASHING day!


  1. i love this! i am in need of an awesome new journal and these are just perfect. and i ADORE these paper clips. sooo clever!

  2. K&Company or EK Success?

    I <3 washi tape! Can I have some!? :)

    Can't wait to see what your journal looks like at the end of the summer!

  3. I'm sold! I already googled and opened up the whole smash site before finishing this post! So drool worthy! I try to take my journal everywhere because I never know when I will need it. I need to buy a few glue sticks to carry with me (now I just do it once home). This journal is so freaking fantastic! I love to journal! It is the place I can put it all and not worry about venting or sharing anything too personal with anyone else (I'm sort of Don Draper that way).



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