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Believe it or not, I've been using my typewriter, Charlotte, a lot. I've discovered that it doesn't just type on printer paper, but cardstock, envelopes, and cupcake liners. I haven't experimented with fabric yet. Haha just kidding. I wouldn't dare putting Charlotte through that.

But a couple of weeks ago I wanted to make a layout of my current "likes" using my typewriter. To be honest, I stole this idea from another blogger, but I can't remember who... it was about a year ago when I didn't have a typewriter. So let's just say I made this idea up myself:

Funny story about this. I wanted to use a cupcake liner for the center instead of a doily, but I couldn't find a cute one on-hand. Anyways, I couldn't find a glue stick anywhere, which is crazy, so I resorted to mod-podge. It was late at night so I didn't bother finding a brush either. And I attempted to carefully poor mod-podge to the center of the page, but a huuuge glob came out. I had to use a spoon to pick it all up. So that's why the center appears semi-glossy and wrinkly. The situation wasn't funny at the time, but I feel like something like this WOULD happen to me after spending almost two hours typing a long list of "likes".

On that note, I went climbing today and came home wanting a nice healthy lunch:
So I made myself a turkey burger with avocado, romaine lettuce, and tomatoes. With steamed cauliflower and broccoli on the side. Along with a lettuce topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, and marcona almonds with rosemary.

It was oh. so. good.


  1. yum! that lunch looks DELICIOUS! i always love working out and then eating something healthy. it makes me feel better about myself, ha

  2. I REALLY REALLY like that idea of a typed background! How much of a roll did you use to type all that?


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