is this a dream

I woke up yesterday and I had a hankering for scrapbooking. My parents are in Idaho for the weekend and virtually all of my friends are out of town. Oh, and I have to take care of my puppy who is the craziest little thing ever... so I can only leave the house for a couple hours at a time.

I discovered this scrapbooking store at the ridge in Snoqualmie last summer and I haven't been there since. But they have a few scrapbooking lines that Ben Franklin doesn't have so I wanted to go there. On the way, I stopped at Snoqualmie falls. It was SO packed! I felt grateful for being a local :)

I also stopped at an old bridge that looks straight onto Mount Si. Sigh. So relaxing.

After I scrapbooked, Eric (my brother) and Tanya (his fiance) and I went biking in Carnation. My favorite biking place as you know.

I sold my mountain bike last summer on Craig's list for 450 bucks and bought this cruiser. I ended up only have to pay about 20 bucks for it. She's my pride and joy.

Eric and Tanya. The cutest couple. They're getting married next month. I think I'm pretty okay at taking pictures. haha.

And this is what I made with the scrapbooking paper and stickers I bought:

Journaling says: "sometimes i forget how lucky i am to live in washington. i forget about the natural wonders of snoqualmie falls and the rocky faces and ridges of mount si. i often forget about the gravel trail along the river in carnation. im finding i overlook the ponderosa pines and evergreen trees. today i realized that where i live might be one of the prettiest places on earth. it might even be a bit of heaven. is this a dream?"

Do something outside today and take advantage of where you live. There's only one July 2, 2011, so make it the best!


  1. Your layout is amazing Allie! You should submit it :) Do you have an instax camera? I'm jealous of all your cameras... See you Friday!

  2. Holy COW, Allie! You take AWESOME photos! I'm glad you love Washington. Maybe you'll never leave???

  3. Did you go to Hip 2B Square?? I've been there before, too!! It was there a long time before I ever knew it was! Btw- ADORABLE scrapbook page!

  4. You are indeed very lucky to have grown up in such a rich and living place. Indiana has eagles and loads of wildlife and caves that go on forever but I live in Indy. So being such an urbanite can cause me to long for the middle of nowhere and I have often had the desire to move to 2 places: East Coast or northwest. I feel (outside of Indiana) those are the two prettiest parts of America.



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