the fourth in seattle

Seattle didn't let me down yesterday! They weather was perfect. I did a lot yesterday so I'm just going to sum it up:

-Rode longboards and walked the street markets in Carnation with Mackenzie. I was a little nervous to use my longboard on the sidewalk but it was easier than I thought.

-Went to Seattle with Eric, Tanya, and Mackenzie and rowed in those canoes you can rent at UW. I've never done it before! It was so fun, but Kenzie and I have no coordination together. It was sad. Let's see, we almost hit a few baby ducklings, a birds nest with a mother and her eggs, and we did a few logs here and there.

-From the parking lot where we parked our car to canoe, Kenzie and I rode our longboards and Eric and Tanya rode scooters to Gasworks park. Difficult to go through thousands of people on this trail, but worth it.

-Watched fireworks at gasworks. They were HUGE. We left a few minutes early to get back on the trail and longboard back so it wouldn't be so busy, and that was a success. But as we were leaving the fireworks were still going on and there were thousands of people; it felt like I was in the movie "Sandlot" like on their fourth of July night. By the end of the night Kenzie and I were pretty smooth at boarding. We'll definitely have to go to that trail again.

Note to self: ehh I'm going to miss you Seattle. I say that a lot I know. But I am!


  1. Allie! Your photos are amazing!

  2. Malm stole the exact words out of my mouth! Your fireworks pictures are incredible!

  3. Nice fireworks pictures! They look great.

  4. Sounds fun and I love that WOW moment in Sandlot during the fireworks!



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