kauai day five

I discovered my new favorite thing on this earth (well, maybe just in Hawaii). Men hula dancers. Could anything be sexier? haha we'll get to that part later. This morning Paige and I went snorkeling and I've never seen more colorful fish. We bought a couple of biodegradable bags that have fish pellets in them. Once your in the water, you slit open the bag and shake it. When I tried it, literally out of nowhere, HUGE fish came to me and were eating the food. I took pictures with an underwater camera so I'll definitely post the pictures after I develop them.

We also went to a part of the island that looked like it hadn't been touched. ever. I felt like I was on LOST:
Yes! The water is that blue!

Really cool view on the beach.

Oh this was so cool. You see the crack by my feet? When the water would crash into the sand the air would blow out of this hole from underneath. Or at least that's my theory. And this is me attempting to be the Marilyn Monroe of Hawaii. Fail.

A pretty sweet crevasse.

A man made hut. I'm assuming a native from Hawaii made this. It'd be so fun to sleep in here for the night though!

Later in the evening my grandparents took us to a luau. Dang these girls can dance!

Back to the guy hula dancers. ooohhh boy. There's really no explanation for this. It's pretty much self explanatory in this picture. If you haven't been to a luau before, I'd say... put it on your bucket list!

All the hula girls did a show near the end with fire poi. So impressive and dangerous and exciting. Learning how to do this is officially on my bucket list.


  1. that water is gorgeous! this makes me miss hawaii! looking forward to st. maarten though!

  2. This was such a fun day! And really - you thought the male hula dancers were that sexy? Haha. I guess I'm just an old fart of a married woman now...


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