kauai day four

Wanna know what I did today? A whole lot of relaxing. And when I say relaxing, I mean tanning. My family went back to the canyons today to see another view of the Na Pali coast and there wasn't enough room in the car for me... so I stayed back and laid at the pool all day. Literally. My aunt and I got up at 7:30 (in the morning!) and stayed outside in the same spot until 3.

I started reading another book by my favorite true crime writer, Ann Rule. This one's called "A Fever in the Heart". I'm almost already half way done. She's an amazing author. It was nice to lay around and feel the sun on my legs (which, yes, I burned again) and the constant breeze through my hair all day.

I didn't really take any pictures today, but when I got back my mom and I walked on the beach and had a miniature photo shoot.

Trying to look candid...

And I leave this journaling tonight with a picture of this cute boy:
While my mom was taking pictures, we noticed this typical cute local surfer boy finish surfing and coming back from the ocean. My mom knows exactly what type of boys a like. And she was right on the spot about this one. I'm not sure who saw him first, but she started snapping photos of him and I'm pretty sure he knew we were taking pictures of him too because I was all, "mom stop!" and probably blushing/smiling real hard at him. Are my mom and I creepers or what?

I love this place.


  1. creeepin' and i love it!!!!!

  2. aww way to go Allison! (and Allison's mom, hehe.) You should have talked to him!

  3. Not enough room in the car?!?! Psssh. You just wanted to get tan :) And you did.


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