blue skies and blue angels.

Every summer the Blue Angels visit Seattle aaand it's a pretty big deal. I am officially unemployed and this was the first Saturday since I can remember that I had off so what's better than watching synchronized F/A-18 Hornet's fly right over you? They closed off the I-90 floating bridge so all the people could watch on it.

So crowded. I'm still trying to figure out if crowds are my thing or not. Maybe if it wasn't so hot. Which, really, it was probably 70 degrees. I'm not used to the heat here okay?

The skies fooled me this morning with overcast so I came prepared in pants, a sweater, and a jean jacket. We were about an hour early, and right before the performance the clouds disappeared.

I caught a few cool pictures of the blue skies and Blue Angels:

Verdict: waiting in crowds and feeling hot and muggy was totally. totally. worth it.


  1. we you on mercer island then too!! We were there but up by the playground! IT WAS SO HOT!

  2. Hi Allie! Your blog is great! I love your pictures... you are talented! Hope you are having fun soaking up your last few weeks of freedom!


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