my own little bullet trailer.

Lately I've been really into vintage finds. There's nothing better than coming home with a bag full of 70's plates and a couple of shirts. On a good thrift day, I splurge on a vintage luggage or a canteen. I don't really want to major in business but I seriously dream of owning my very own vintage shop or even better, my own little bullet trailer to modify into a shop on wheels.

This is how I imagine my shop. I basically want to replicate these two girls from

No joke, these photos make me sick because they're so inspiring.

This is the trailer I want to buy. It's only 350.00! It's basically a steal. Except someeebodddy won't let me drive to Oregon to pick it up... that's a 'nother situation though. If I hear "it's not the right time in your life right now" I just might explode.

This is what it'd look like with a little work:
How seriously freaking cute.

Sometime I'll take pictures of all my vintage things, but here are a few of my current fav's:
I got this vase for free! There was this antique shop in North Bend that was going out of business so on the last day everything was free. I went a little crazy there. But now that I think back, I wish I took even more shtuff and just put it in box in the attic and save it for later.

Plates for 4.99 each. I'm gonna have to go back to Value Village and get their match soon. But for now, I really like how they match, but not really at all. haha.

I love my typewriter, my dresser, my plate, little glass jar, and lantern. All thrift finds!

note to self: I vow that I'm going to chase my dreams even if people (my parents) think that it's not so realistic. Someday I really will own my own trailer and make it into a little vintage shop. I will!


  1. i think your idea's great! very refreshing! would love to come to your future store if i do visit your country. its never too early to dream! i dream about owning my scrapbook store where i live and i know i will turn it into a reality. so you keep dreaming girl, dont give up (:

  2. Where are you gonna put all your stuff!?!? And I hope you do open a shop someday - I'll be there every day :)

  3. Honey you can do anything you put your mind to and work hard to achieve! Some people just don't want to work and sacrifice to reach their dreams.



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