a little taste of Quest.

Yesterday we had our first hike... a fourteen mile hike! We left at around 7 in the morning (which by the way it's getting way too cold here way too fast; pretty sure that Rexburg is going to skip fall and go right to winter) and drove about an hour away to Palisade.

The cliffs and boulders along the river had so much texture and were basically screaming "climb me!"... but I resisted. And these moose were amazing. I loved watching them in their natural habitat making their loud noises and taking a soak in the pond and doing their thang.

Destination: this lake. I've honestly never seen a lake this color before. Green? Blue? I can't tell.

Ginny and Lo. They're wonderful.

note to self: today I got a taste of what this Quest program is all about. Hiking and "discovering yourself" and taking advantage of nature (in a good way). I'm supposed to be here right now! I'm not sure why quite yet, but I think I might discover something big here about myself or something. For now, I think I might stargaze and get some rest for another hike tomorrow...


  1. Wowee bazowee. I'm jealous! Moose! Lakes! Hikes!

  2. Your always going to the most beautiful places!! So gorgeous. If hike 14 miles to see that!!

  3. umm, that lake is absolutely stunning. so glad to see that you are having so much fun!!!

  4. So beautiful! I love a good hike and the views I'm sure you will keep with you forever! WOW! I've never seen a lake that green/blue either!



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