st. anthony sand dunes.

I'm having a ton of fun over here at the lodge, but a few friends and I from Quest wanted to get out of the cabin for the day and head over to Rexburg for an annual music festival. We met up with some friends, ate pizza and frozen yogurt, and watched local bands play.

And then we headed to the sandunes in St. Anthony....

note to self: these dunes were unreal. Nothing's better than driving back to the lodge late at night with a few grains of sand in your brain and having no idea where to go but not worrying about it at all and playing loud music and head bobbing instead. Life is good.


  1. ah, these photos are incredible!! looks like SO much fun!!

  2. al i love and miss you so much! im glad you are having tons of fun, I did the exact same thing at the dunes in australia!

  3. This is so cool! The sand almost looks photoshopped into the images. So crazy cool!



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