october says hello.

Time is flying by ridiculously fast here. I went to Provo last weekend and visited my grandparents and brother and sister in law. So fun! It was just a really nice get away from that little lodge in Tetonia, Idaho:

(observe 80 degree weather here)

And what's the date again? October seventh. And I woke up to a foot of snow. this is how october says hello. Looks like this is how the weather will be until March!

I love winter. But I'm just not ready to say goodbye to flats and open toed shoes or the breezy days where I can wear a light sweater and feel good. This is Idaho I guess haha. Next week were going on a three day backpacking trip and it will most likely be snowing. eeek! Well see how that goes...


  1. oh gosh, can't wait to hear how that backpacking goes. that will be insanely cold! bundle up!!

  2. I love how that blanket is in so many of your photos!

  3. So fun and weather is crazy! Just think of all the boots and memories you'll make!



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