This week's adventure: a three day camping trip. This was new for me. I've camped and hiked, but I've never camped and hiked. We went up Big Elk Creek (near Targhee National Forest?) and the weather was all over the place with blue skies, rain, thunder, hail, and more blue skies. Although at first I really wasn't appreciating the rain, I think it made the experience that much more fun.

somehow we fit six girls into a four person tent. yeah... let's just say I didn't get very much sleep.

The first night (before it started raining) we cooked pasta and quesadillas. I think when the weather started turning bad we decided to stick with granola bars and candy for the rest of the trip to avoid cooking.

Somehow I forgot to take pictures of the actual hike? It was so pretty i swear....

Next adventure- sleeping in this teepee:

And since fields are our favorite place to take pictures:
Are peace signs cool again yet?

Note to self: this hike might be my favorite thing we've done up at Badger Creek. While on the hike we were challenged to go into the woods or the river and meditate by ourselves. I'm finally discovering a few things about myself here that I might not have been able to realize if I wasn't surrounded by beautiful mountains and way too relaxing rivers. Complete peace, serenity and isolation.


  1. peace signs never went out of style. lovin' all of the outfits girl!!

  2. Oh my goodness Allie! I LOVE that you're enjoying Badger Creek! But I miss you.

  3. Can I have ALL of your clothes? I swear you could wear a piece of poop and make it look good :)

  4. I want to sleep in the big teepee!



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