a very zombie weekend.

I managed to bum another ride to Provo, Utah this weekend, and I wish I didn't have to come back (although I do love Rexburg). We started off the weekend with a super beautiful nature walk up near Sundance:

Just wish I came a couple of weeks earlier when the leaves were burning with color. This place was magical nonetheless though.

We weren't very inspired to dress up for the weekend, until we found ourselves at a thrift store shopping our hearts away for oversized floral dresses and sweaters to tear up and add blood. The new television show, The Walking Dead, got us way too excited to be zombies (which I'm starting to think they're becoming more popular than vampires...)

Before dancing our hearts out we stopped at a malt shop and had root beer floats and shakes, might I add, in our full zombie attire. Yeah, we got a few very strange stares which made the night that much better. We saw a local band play, danced a bit, exchanged scary stories, and had hot chocolate at the hospital because apparently that's a cool hangout place.

note to self: I'm back now in Rexburg now, and I must say I missed this teeny tiny town a little bit. Just finished watching The Walking Dead and it was fantastic. I loved this very zombie weekend. This week's agenda: sign up to donate plasma and job search!


  1. tucker is pretty much freaking me out in that last picture. ridiculous!
    and donate plasma? ha, you are so random. love it!

  2. Creepy costumes Allie!

    The Walking Dead is too gory for my taste!!

  3. hehe i love halloween zombies. you guys look great! while i was out walking my dog on Monday i passed a girl walking to the train dressed in complete zombie attire.. it was so funny to me.. a lone zombie wandering around during daylight. halloween is awesome.

  4. omg, love your zombie make up. so happy I stumbled across your blog. totally following. If you get second, I'd love if you'd check out mine. It's all about the adventures of a southern girl turned LA stylist. thanks, love. xo


  5. That make-up and those costumes are legit! You guys pretty much look like you want to eat some brains. Haha

  6. Who's the boy?? He's cyuuuuuute. Also, looks like a fun halloween!

  7. I can't believe how awesome your costumes and makeup are! Great job!

  8. Great pics :) Love the zombie shots xx


  9. You make a killer zombie dude!



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