This outdoor program is almost over. Two more days, and Ill be back on campus. So many mixed emotions! I'm really psyched to experience "campus life" and makes lots of friends, but at the same time, this lodge is starting to feel like home and it's like everyone here is family. These past couple of weeks have been busy (like always)... but the last couple of days have probably been my favorite.

Im really going to miss this. Sunny days where we have two hours of class and the rest of the day to wander and relax in the fields. And Dakota, the scruffy dog who follows us everywhere (I'm still not sure where he sleeps or where he's from).

Occasionally I bring my laptop with me to do homework. I feel like I should take advantage of the land here and do everything outside before the weather gets crummy, right?

For the weekend we all drove to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to explore and swim at the local pool. This town was so awesome! This place reminded me of Park City Utah, but more cowboy-ish.

How sweet is this? An arch made from antlers.

Not sure why, but there were random statues of historic figures in Jackson. Not sure how we got the idea, but we decided to smooch Abe. Kicks and giggles, I guess haha.

We helped ourselves to a huge bag of candy at "Yippy-I-O" candy bar. I'm currently snacking on sour cherry gummies and the last few Jelly-Bellys from my bag.

note to self: I've never seen so much turquoise jewelry in my life! If only I had an extra 200 dollars to spend on a ring... I wish I could've spent more time in all the stores filled with fringe jackets and fur hats (which I am in current search of, but maybe something on the cheaper side), but I did manage to thrift a maxi dress for 5 dollars and buy a pair of blue boxers with bears on them that say "bearly tame" (for sleepwear). Not sure when I'll blog next, because Wednesday will be a busy move in day, including catching up on The Walking Dead and eating dinner with some friends from back home, classes Thursday, and a few friends and I are debating on going to Provo, Utah this weekend for some Halloween parties. But I'm happy ill be busy and I'm sure this change will be good!


  1. FINALLY! i've been waiting for a blog post from you! these pictures are all so amazing. that town looks incredible! oh wyoming. good luck moving all in. you'll have fun on campus!!
    p.s. eric tried video chatting with you and was upset that you didn't answer. thought i'd pass on the message, ha

  2. I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful pictures. You're a great photographer.

  3. These photos are beautiful. I miss you. Can you come home now? ;)

  4. That is a very cute town (maybe I should go there on vacation...haha)! And I would totally kiss Abe!



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