christmas eve.

This Christmas Eve might have been the best yet. Although I'm feeling a little on the sicker side, I didn't let it get to me tonight when we went to my friend's house for dinner:

So much food. So good. And that yule log dessert was the greatest! My best friend and her family are basically the best cooks. And mushroom meringue? Honestly... I still can't get over how cute it was.

note to self: I really don't think things can get much better when you're spending quality time with family and your friends (just wish my sister was here too). Definitely in the holiday spirit this year and I can't wait for tomorrow morning!


  1. ah, yay! love the pictures! kind of sad you didn't put up the awkward/awesome/hideous one though, hahaha

  2. Beautiful table and sorry to hear your on the sicker side. This year I was sick at my family dinner this christmas eve and Christmas day Jason and I missed his family's lunch due to my illness but we met his best friend for our christmas day film so that is important. This year we saw Django!



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