its gonna be a good year.

These past two weeks have gone by way too fast. It felt really awesome to be back home in my own bed, hang out with my best friends, and work a little bit at a craft store (just wish I didn't have to get this sinus infection). For New Years my friends and I went to Seattle and watched fireworks from the top of a pretty tall building:

I'm just glad I got to spend the last bit of 2011 with the people I like the most (ha, besides my family). But now I'm in Wallace, Idaho for the next few days as a final mini vacation:

note to self: still can't get over this quaint little town! I love it here. Tomorrow were going skiing, which I haven't done in forever, and probably relaxing by the fire all night. I'm pretty happy I'm spending time with my family right now too. And also maybe I'm ready to go back to Rexburg. Ohh it's gonna be a good year.


  1. aw, you are too cute! i'm nervous / excited to go skiing tomorrow. should be an adventure! love ya SIL!

  2. How many times have you been to Wallace? How many times have I been? Super jealous over here!

  3. Sure was nice having you home for Christmas!

  4. aw cutie, it was so good to work with you again, even if just for a little while. I've missed you! and um, your mini vacation looks rad...such a cute town!

  5. Fun you got to spend time with the friends you missed (and family). That town is so adorable! OMG so cute!!! You go to the cutest places!



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